Memorial Garden

Setting below three crosses, the garden has a waterfall which flows into a goldfish pond. The pond is surrounded by a fence with slats that have the names of congregational members. A bridge was constructed over the waterfall and the slats on the rail are children’s names in color, making a rainbow bridge. The gate to the pond has four different Bible sayings, painted by our 2010-2011 exchange students that were visiting that school year. The four children represented; China, Thailand, Korea and Germany. The garden has been well received within the community and many people have come to enjoy the setting; there has even been outdoor weddings in the new garden.

In the winter months the garden is transformed into Bethlehem with a stable animals and of course baby Jesus is added on Christmas Eve. Stop by to watch as our nativity grows.

Anyone wishing to have a lasting memorial for a family member or loved one can purchase a plaque for $250.00. This will cover the cost of the plague and maintenance and growth of the garden.

Memorial wall garden gatememorial wall