Junior Choir

Junior Choir is made up of Children of all ages; children as young as four have participated in the Junior choir. The Junior choir sings the last Sunday of each month from September to May. The unique thing about this choir is they perform with karaoke tracks and the children receive a CD at the beginning of the season with all the songs on it for the year; so they can listen and learn the music even if they can’t read.

The Junior Choir is directed by Heidi Tice. They practice after Sunday school from 11:15 – 11:30.

2017 -2018 we have not had enough children to keep the choir going this year but if your child wants to sing please contact Heidi Tice we can always start up again. Click the links below to hear their past performances.

Choir performance links below:

Kids choir smaller


9/27/2015 ” Stand Up, Sit Down” & “Me & God”

5/31/2015 “God Bless the USA”

5/26/2015 Music Sunday

4/26/2015 “He’s Alive” & “Alive, Alive”

3/29/2015  “Nothin’ to Fear” & “It is Written”

2/22/2015 ” Lord I Lift your Name High” & “What a Mighty God We Serve”

1/25/2015 “Every Move I Make” & “The Happy Song”

12/28/2014 “Christmas Isn’t Christmas till it happens in your heart” & “Emmanuel”-


10/26/2014 “I am a Promise” & “I Can Only Imagine”

9/28/2014 “Me & God”

5/18/2014 Music Sunday “The Lords Prayer”

5/18/2014 Music Sunday “Faith, Hope and Love”

4/27/2014 God’s Zoo

3/30/2014 Junior Choir performance

2/23/2014  Oh Happy Day